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Our Services Include:

Crisis Management | Media Training | Publicity & Event Planning |Video Content Production |Website Consulting

Crisis Management

When a crisis occurs you can duck, wait it out or respond quickly and effectively. Problems arise but too often they become more serious than they have to be because of media mismanagement.

In this era of 24/7 news and second by second updates on the internet, you need a team of news pros who can guide you through the media storm. We have the experience, contacts, judgment and quick response skills to help you manage the crisis and emerge strong and intact.

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Media Training

MediaPros 24/7 have spent decades asking the tough questions. Now we are using that experience to help you answer the tough questions more effectively.

News Networks

Media training is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity when navigating this new media world. Today a simple blunder to a TV reporter can haunt you forever on YouTube. An innocent aside to a print reporter doesn't go away thanks to Google.

Talking to the media can be risky business but if you are prepared, have good presentation skills and stay on message, the rewards are great.

Our Perfect Pitch Seminars™ prepare you for television, radio and print interviews. We offer large group training sessions, smaller workshops and private individual sessions. We advise on both content and presentation. We do mock interviews that we videotape and review with you. We research your issues and promise our practice interviews will be tougher than what you will face when you do it for real.

When doing TV interviews, you have at best 15 seconds to make your point. We help make your message soundbite friendly and give you transitional tools that help you stay on message and deflect questions you don't want to answer.

We also teach you how the media operates and what reporters, editors and producers are looking for when they do interviews. Understanding the news cycles, deadlines and outlook of the news organizations is key to managing the media effectively.

Our services can include providing makeup artists trained in HD TV and advice on wardrobe as well.

Whether you are a CEO, politician, entertainer, athlete or attorney, our media training will give you the skills and confidence to be a real media pro yourself.

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Publicity & Event Planning

MediaPros 24/7 have the experience and contacts to pitch your stories and events in a strategic and creative manner. We know and have worked with editors, bookers, producers and reporters at all the biggest media outlets.

We understand their needs, interests and deadlines. Whether it is a network news or talk show, the Wall Street Journal, a niche website or trade publication or the social media, we make sure your story gets the attention it deserves.

With decades of experience working in newsrooms both in Chicago and around the world, we know most PR pitches are tossed in the garbage can or deleted on the computer before they are even read. Often they are sent to the wrong people. We understand how to get the attention of the real decision makers.

Let us make your event media friendly. We specialize in big event planning and advise on everything from publicity and press releases to lighting and audio.

MediaPros 24/7 also offers, "Perfect Pitch" seminars where we teach you how to pitch your own stories more effectively. These seminars are great for in-house public relations staffs.

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Video Content Production

There are so many media outlets today but so little good content. We have a team of Emmy award winning journalists who can provide top quality videos for television and websites. We combine good storytelling with topnotch photography and state of the art, digital editing. We are used to deadlines and work quickly and cost effectively. Our services include the following:

- News, business, entertainment and sports features
- Short video updates for websites
- Corporate videos
- Documentaries
- Develop independent programming for television and the web

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Website Consulting - Web Renovations and Social Media

Today your website is your calling card and it needs to be informative, attractive and current.
MediaPros 24/7 offers special "webovers."

We have staff members with years of experience producing and updating websites. They can help you redefine how to quickly update, deliver and distribute your content, photos and video. Within hours, MediaPros 24/7 can help you turn a blah, dated website into something special.

We also help businesses navigate the world of public and private social media networks.

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